Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is currently one of the highest paying revenue sharing programs on the internet. By partnering with Diabetes Reversal Group® (DRG), you can start earning extra income yourself today. It's simple and free!

How it Works

  • Publisher (blogger, Website, etc.) Partners with DRG.
  • Publisher puts ads on their site, writes review, etc.
  • Consumer clicks through to DRG's site, and is invited to watch a webinar.
  • Action is tracked and Publisher is paid commission.

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Program Benefits

  • Commission: 2 Ways to Get Paid -
    1) Lead = Attends Webinar
    2) Sale = DRG Program Signups
    (Higher Commission on Sales)
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Pre-Written Content Available
  • Professionally Managed Program

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