Advisory Board of Directors

Steve Olds

Steve Olds is the Chairman of the Board and former CEO of Vroozi, an international procurement management software platform with offices in the US and South Asia.  He has bought and prepared for acquisition several companies over the past several decades; primarily in the digital platform space.  His focus has been on innovative corporate growth strategies in the industries of medical, software, and data analytics.  Formally the CEO of Medliance, the US leader in Skilled Care Pharmacy adjudication; assisting with cost management for twenty percent of the chain operators in America.  Much of his family office direct investments, other than Diabetes Reversal Groups, are in medical research related to new antibiotic compounds. Steve's greatest joys outside of work are spending time with his wife, three daughters, their husbands, his two grandchildren, and sailing.


Kurt Klausmair

Kurt Klausmair is the Founder and Operator of Klausmair Construction, one of the most successful exterior remodeling companies in the north east region and they are licensed in 5 states.  They are a second generation company, as Kurt's son has joined the company.  Kurt enjoyed coaching soccer for 15 years, loves to ski, ride motorcycles and traveling.  At the end of the day you can find Kurt recapping the successes of the day with a fine bourbon in hand and a thank you to God for his many blessings.

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