What Is Your Success Rate?
When you follow the DRG program, the success rate is 100% with people being able to see their blood sugar decrease. The only question is how much your blood sugar will drop, not if it will. It’s based on basic physiological principles. If you drank a bottle of syrup, your blood sugar would increase, right? What percentage of people who drank a bottle of syrup would have their blood sugar increase? 100%. When you follow our program, you are dramatically decreasing the amount of glucose your body is ingesting, so your blood sugar will come down 100% of the time. When it does, that’s when your doctor will be able to start weaning you off your medications.

What Is The Investment For The DRG Program?
The investment varies depending on the severity of your condition. This is why all clients have to go through a consultation first so we can determine what length of time it will take to help you and what kind of support you will need. All investment options, including low monthly payment options, will be explained to you during your consultation, before you have to make any financial decision.

How Do I Get Started Reversing My Type 2 Diabetes?

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